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Why The Weird Name?

Far too many times I’ve heard people say “cinnamontography” rather than “cinematography”, so I thought… What the heck! 

Plus my love of making creative images, and my parents owning a bakery that makes amazing cinnamon rolls… It just felt right!

Who am I?


Just a nerd that likes to nerd out

P.S. I loveeee Star Wars<3


10+ Pre-designed Demos

For your convenience, we’ve designed some pretty floating demos which you can use. Single click to import a layout, then double click to replace the text and images. It is that simple. 

Header Designs

Three header designs are available: top bar, left panel, and right panel. The top bar header can have transparent background. If you don’t want a header, it can be excluded. 

2 Menu Styles

Choose whether a minimalistic overlay menu or a traditional horizontal menu.



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